UnderGroundHipHopGirls was formed in 2004 to give amateur, intermediate, experienced models, and their associated professions, free access and networking capabilities to the web community and too aid in promoting their craft.   We understand the importance of models, photographers, makeup artist etc.  and that they are an intricate part of the underground/Hip Hop industry.   We are not a modeling agency, we are not a member site and most importantly we are not a pornographic site.

Undergroundhiphopgirls will for those who are serious about advancing in the field of modeling, provide a web page with photos and pertinent information about modeling area preferences.   We will in addition if provided, link to the photographer, makup artist and/or stylist.   If the applicant/model already has a web site, we will still post a page and link the page to their existing web site.   UGHHG will not accept images/photo with pay for view site logos imprinted over the image/photo.   We reserve the right to select and/or reject submitted applications.   To apply, you must be at least 18 years old.   All questions can be sent to:   webmaster@undergroundhiphopgirls.com

In addition to the modeling pages, UnderGroundHipHopGirls will post links to photographers, music promoters, underground music lables, underground music sites, underground clothing stores, etc. so services and networking partners are easily found.

The key word is NETWORKING .   .   .
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